Centre for Chronic Disease Control and Public Health Foundation of India hosted a workshop on
Nutrition and Chronic Disease Research Methods

Centre for Chronic Disease Control and Public Health Foundation of India, jointly organized the 7th International Nutrition Short Course, titled Nutrition and Chronic Disease Research Methods in New Delhi from 27th February -2nd March, 2017. This course was a part of annual series of capacity building initiatives in the field of nutrition research and was also funded by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and Life Sciences Research Board, Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO). The latest statistics confirm that poor dietary intake is the biggest contributor to death and disability across the globe. The traditional training in nutrition (as a part of home science curriculum) fails to make an impact when it comes to consolidated response using holistic yet innovative strategies to tackle public health and nutrition problems.

Thus, this short course aimed to promote participant’s capacity in an interactive environment to understand research methods better. The course introduced and gradually built upon an increased understanding of the epidemiology, statistics and diet-disease relationship in public nutrition research as well as national programs by primarily focusing on knowing the current trends in nutrition, explaining the various methods used in chronic disease research, working in groups to design studies and interacting with faculty and fellows. The faculty for this course consisted of eminent Indian and International leaders in the area of nutrition research. A total of 34 participants enrolled for the course who were post graduate scholars, junior faculty and researchers from domains like public health, nutrition, medicine, social sciences.

The course directors were Dr Shweta Khandelwal (India) and Dr Aryeh D. Stein (USA).